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Retire Aberdeen

"Ten Great Small Towns For Retirement"

It is easy to see why Aberdeen was recently named one of the "Ten Great Small Towns for Retirement" by Travel 50 and Beyond Magazine. with more than 220 buildings in this town listed on the National Register of Historic Places, authentic Southern charm has been preserved in this area. The community's rich history comes alive every day, but especially in April during the Aberdeen Southern Heritage Pilgrimage, which showcases the Aberdeen's timeline of architecture.

Aberdeen was one of Mississippi's first Certified Retirement Communities, so we've had lots of experience welcoming some great folks to their new hometown! Recent retirees have moved to Aberdeen from California, Minnesota, Florida, Illinois, Maine, New York, Washington, Tennessee and Louisiana, just to name a few...​​​​

Experience The Aberdeen Change Of Pace

Many of our retirees have moved here from large metropolitan areas, and they find that the slower, small town atmosphere is a welcome change of pace. But don't misunderstand the Aberdeen change of pace. You'll find enough activities to keep you as busy as you choose!

Our location on the Tenn-Tom has brought many boaters to visit this little town with its Antebellum and Victorian homes. Some of these visitors have decided to stay! Come for a visit and see why. You'll find all the amenities you desire - without the crowds - and a genuine southern town where you'll always be welcome!

Cost Of Living

Aberdeen's mild climate, along with competitive utility and insurance rates, helps maintain a low cost of living.

Utilities: Inside the Aberdeen city limits, contact Aberdeen Public Utilities at (662) 369-4731 for information about water, trash and electical service. 

Water: Based on usage of 3000 gallons, water will be about $8 monthly. Sewer rates are 60% of water usage.

Trash: Pickup is $15.00 monthly for service four times per week - twice for garbage, twice for trash and yard debris. 

Electric: The residential cost for 1000 kilowatt hours (KWH) is approximately $110.00.

Natural Gas: The cost for natural gas, based on average use for heating, cooking and water heating, is about $60 per month, or $720 annually. Contact Atmos Energy at (800)863-7749 or at http://atmosenergy.com. 
Property Taxes: Within Aberdeen city limits, property tax rates are as follows:

Age 65 & over: Taxes on a $100,000 home would be around $452.50. (The first $75,000 of the true value would be exempt from tax.) Ten percent (10%) of the remaining $25,000 would then be taxed at the millage rate of $181 per thousand, or $452.50.

Under 65: Taxes on a $100,000 home would be around $1510. (10% of the true value, in this case, $10,000, would be taxed at $181 per thousand, less a $300 homestead exemption for a total of $1510.)

Automobile License And Tax: Taxes are based on the year and make of the automobile. This amount must be figured by the tax collector and is available by calling (662) 369-6484.

State Income And Sales Tax: Qualified retirement income is exempt from state income tax. Taxable income, after deductions, is taxed at 3% for the first $5000, 4% for the next $5000, and 5% for any amount over $10,000.

Sales Tax: The sales tax rate for the state is 7%. Some cities and counties have an additional tax on lodging and restaurants.


Our local hospital, Monroe Regional  Hospital of Aberdeen, is licensed for 49 beds and has four doctors on staff. Many specialists come to the new Pioneer Medical Plaza on a rotating basis. 

Personal Place Apartments, located at the hospital, offer independent residential living with the security of medical assistance, meals, and other services as needed. There are 25 one-bedroom and 2 two-bedroom apartments at Personal Place. Garden Suites Assisted Living is also part of the Pioneer campus.
Gilmore Memorial Hospital, located 15 miles away in Amory, is licensed for 95 beds and has 28 doctors on staff. Care is offered in fourteen specialties.

Baptist Memorial Hospital - Golden Triangle, is located in nearby Columbus.Baptist offers over 300 beds and more than 80 doctors. Their service includes 24 areas of speciality.
The largest non-metropolitan hospital in the United States is located in Tupelo, just 35 miles from Aberdeen. North Mississippi Medical Center offers 650 beds and 200 doctors covering more than 40 specialties. Helicoptor service to North Mississippi Medical Center from Pioneer Community Hospital is available.

10 Great Reasons To Retire In Aberdeen...

1. Aberdeen is a genuine southern town where you will always be welcome.

2. Aberdeen is certified by the Hometown Mississippi Retirement program. We have met the criteria concerning the things that are important to you.

3. The Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway, the Blue Bluff Recreation Area and  Morgan's Landing Park offer year-round boating, fishing and other activities to keep you in touch with the unspoiled, natural beauty of the area.

4. Aberdeen's prime location in the northeastern part of the state offers you all the amenities you desire...without the crowds.

5. Aberdeen's affordable cost of living will help you stretch those retirement     dollars.

6. Aberdeen and the State of Mississippi have special tax incentives for retirees.

7. Aberdeen's low crime rate assures a safe environment in which to live.

8. Quality, state-of-the-art medical care can be found at the Monroe Regional Hospital of Aberdeen.

9. Aberdeen is located near three major universities which provide excellent  continuing education opportunities.

10. Since the 1830s, Aberdeen has been known as a center for culture. Today,   different cultural opportunities are provided by the Elkin Theatre Association, the Evans Memorial Library, and over thirty local civic organizations.